•      AU-NME9000 network video encoder is use  the most advanced H.264/AVC video compression algorithm and  MPEG4 AAC audio compression algorithm.In the harsh conditions of the low bandwidth also possess excellent video and audio reducing performance.The 1080P25/30 high-definetion video can be display in 1Mbps video bit rate and 30 kbps audio bit rate video.we used the low delay coding technique.The 1080P25 code delay is less than 300 ms.
  •      In order to adapt to a variety of complex network audio and video application environment. AU-NME9000 provides a rich media streaming protocols.Forexample,RTMP, RTSP/RTP, HTTP, UDP and so on.The user can watch live video through the web_browser iPad iPhone Andriod and IP-STB.It's used widely in emergency communications, network video broadcast, mobile video broadcast, teleconferencing, hotel VOD, campus radio, hospital expert consultation, and many other applications. 


  •         1. High stability, embedded design, low power consumption.
  •         2. Low compression bit rate
            3. low coding delay, Code delay is less than 300 ms
            4. Advanced coding technology, the industry's first triple B frame prediction,Ensure clear images at the same time reduce the bandwidth limit.
            5.Most business adaptability is strong, support output protocol of the encoder,UDP, HTTP, RTSP/RTP, RTMP
            6. High cost performance,Support  the HDMI , HD/SD-SDI,CVBS and analog input  .
            7.Support  H.264/AVC High Profile, Main Profile, Baseline
            8.Audio coding support  the AAC ,MPEG1 Audio Layer 2
            9.Support a variety of input video format, 1080P 1080I 720P and PAL NTSC
           10.Support  the maximum resolution of 1080P,And any resolution of less than 1080P.
           11.Support  release real-time stream for the live stream media server, Adobe FMS, Wowza,RED5 and so on
           12.Ease of use for everone, the embedded WEB configuration, the LCD front panel  and  button configuration .            


  • Input Video HD/SD-SDI (BNC)
    HDMI (HDCP Support)
    CVBS (BNC)
    720x480i/p 720x576i/p 1280x720p 1920x1080i/p
    Audio HD/SD-SDI (BNC)
    Analog  Double Channels ( BNC)
    VideoEncoding most strong ability   1920x1080P30   1280x720P60
     pretreatment support deinterlacing
    Code Standards H.264/MPEG4-AVC
    Compressibility minimum  1080P25 1Mbps
    coding delay All supported   is less than 100 seconds 300ms
    resolution 352x288 ~ 1920x1080 can be arbitrary regulatory
     frame rate 8Hz –60Hz   can be arbitrary regulatory
    Coding class High Profile, Main Profile, Baseline
    hierarchy Level 1.0 – 4.1. can be arbitrary regulatory
    bit-rate 100kbps ~ 20Mbps. can be arbitrary regulatory
    bit-rate control CBR/VBR
    GOP Structure I  IP  IBP  IBBP  IBBBP
    GOP Length can be arbitrary regulatory
    AudioEncoding sampling precision 24 bit
    sampling rate 32KHz  44.1KHz  48KHz
    channel Stereo   Mono-L   Mono-R
    Code Standards AAC    MP2
    bit-rate 30Kbps ~ 384Kbps
    Output port RJ45 x 2   10/100Mbps function of switch
    output protocols TS Over UDP
    TS Over HTTP
    FLV Over HTTP
    DeviceManagement front panel LCD and  seven keys
    network By browsing the web management
    characteristics of electromechanical weight 3Kg
    size standard 1U
    power AC 110V 50/60Hz   220V 50/60Hz
    powerDissipation 8W