Lorans StreamingMediaServicePlatform

      Loran streaming media publishing platform  is an integrated solution for communication and video.its main function is through a combination of the front-end network media encoder and back-end video management systems, easily come ture the function of  video live, on-demand, recording, release and interactive comments.It can quickly build digital video resource platform and the video information system.Loran platform based on PC, smart phones, tablets, and digital TV comprehensive support, finally realizes the business form of "multiple screen fusion".Loran platform based on scalable cloud computing architecture, has the very good scalability and flexibility.
       Live platform contains system on demand system, and media management system, the user authentication system, comment system, etc.;Using B/S streaming media technology, without having to install any software which can realize the internal and external network streaming media video live, on-demand, recording and upload;Support existing common audio and video, image format file functions, cataloging, retrieving, upload, download, and other functions.
      Loran platform can be widely used in network television, remote teaching informatization, network training, remote medical treatment and other industries.
      1. Live video, on-demand video are supported at the same time, and can real time record live TV as a follow-up program.
      2.multi screen live video,through the TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone watch video  synchronization
      3. B/S architecture, computer, tablet, mobile phone are don't need to install any client, a web browser to watch directly
      4. To support very large scale client access, the system bottleneck limited only by the network bandwidth
It provides powerful management of media assets, catalog, careful
      6. Flexible web custom functions, suitable for rapid deployment
      7. Technical indicators

Function List

Function explain

User management
   tertiary permissions, user management and online detection
   administrator account can be authorized under the registered user permissions: on demand management
   administrator password reset

Live access
    New live channel, new content editable (name, category, source address, tag, description, whether can comment attribute)
    live to start and stop
    recording mode selection: automatic recording, manual     recording, time recording
    RTMP streaming media server support

Demand management
   Support Web video file upload (only supported. Mp4 files upload)
  on-demand video editing information (name, category, tag, description, whether can comment properties etc.)
  search box video search
  the statistics the number of video playback

Terminal support 
    multiple web support page cell phones and computers, respectively
    front page can be according to the different terminal types into different interface
    HLS tablet computers and mobile phones
    UDP TS set-top box

Web management (background)
   dynamic on the home page, live, on-demand framework of the elements in the layout
  can modify the text
  can modify the corresponding pictures
  can modify the order of the corresponding video display

Review management (background)
   Comment on content and video, user, launching time management
   support comments search capabilities
   support review the deletion of editing functions
Category management (background)
  Support three level of user custom categories
  implement can edit categories

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